Step 8 to Buying a Home: Schedule a Home Inspection

Once a contract has been submitted and accepted, you need to schedule a home inspection. It should be scheduled at the very beginning of your option period, 2-3 days from contract acceptance. It is in your best interest to attend the inspection which takes approximately 2-3 hours. This is usually done during the day on weekdays. Wear comfortable clothing as the inspector may want to show you something in the attic, roof, etc. Typically, the inspector will arrange for the termite inspection to be done the same day as the home inspection. Please be sure to verify that this will happen. You will be responsible for paying for both of these inspections when they are scheduled. You can expect to spend at least $350 on the home inspection and $100 on the termite inspection. It’s important that the home inspection occur quickly as it takes the inspector at least 1 day to write the report after the inspection. Once the report is written we still need some time to review the report and ask the seller for any credits or repairs before the option period ends.

My favorite home inspectors in this area:

Matt Hoffman
Seguin Inspection Services

Joe Barnett
Bumblebee Home Inspectors

As soon as the inspection is scheduled, let us know so we can confirm that day and time will work with the seller’s Realtor.


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